Hi, I�m Carl Schweitzer, a software developer. I�m passionate about learning the latest technologies. I am an avid advocate of the underdog, and general enjoy a good debate. There is never enough time in the day, but I never get bored. My four boys is probably my wife tends to get frazzled. And if you ever have the priveledge to buy me a beer, don't get a brand everyone knows.


This site is a collection of the various technical pursuits that I have chosen to create over the years, some good, some less than so. Available are various apps that I have authored, and an old but still functional bookmarking site (feel free to use it for yourself too!). There is also a blog dedicated to my ramblings, interests, and other ephemera. If you�ve enjoyed anything I�ve done, or want to contact me feel contact me at carlschweitzer on twitter.